Et Cetera

Wheels Up

And so this blog begins, with apologies to Ian MacKenzie Jeffers and Liam Neeson.  Filmgoers will note the paradox* involving wolves.

Once more into the fray . . .
Into the last good fight I’ll ever know.
Live and write another day . . .
Live and write on this day . . .


*Not irony.  Ask Troy Dyer.


  • Hugh Djas

    This is quite disturbing coming from a [publication redacted] writer and editor. Two allusions — one obvious, one vague — to two schlocky movies? You can do better than this. I hope.

  • Steve Berg

    Great! Since I have no knowledge of pop culture, I have no idea what the allusions here are, but I am delighted that my friend Aaron Wolf now has his very own blog! Once I get all these final exams graded, we should go out to lunch and celebrate!

    • Aaron D. Wolf

      Thank you, Steve! Thought I needed a place to rant or muse about things that were more tangential to my professional tangential musings. Looking forward to lunch!

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