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Diversity: Guaranteed to Offend

I was thinking about blogging, or my hitherto lack thereof.  I write, enjoy it, some folks enjoy reading it.  So why haven’t I blogged before?  Lack of time, a job in which I edit and write already, lack of time—these things came to mind.  But if I’m being honest, I’ll probably say that it’s a fear of giving offense that’s kept me away.  Which seems odd, considering I write for and (help) edit a magazine that offends more or less everyone, included fellow members of our own masthead, myself included.

The truth is, I know a lot of people from diverse backgrounds.  I’ve lived many lives.  I’m interested in a lot of things.  I’m blessed to have many friends.  And I don’t normally choose to bring up the thorniest of subjects when I’m with any one particular friend or set of friends.  Except maybe the intrinsic value of a fried-baloney sandwich, which I harp on even with those who find it disgusting.

Example: I have Catholic friends.  Hard-core Catholic friends.  The kind who eat fish on Fridays year-round because they observe the Tridentine rite.  When I see them, the first thing on my lips is not forensic justification.  Or this: I have fundamentalist friends.  Hard-core fundamentalist friends.  The kind who refuse to use any translation of the Bible besides the King James.  When I see them, I usually don’t open with a digression on the compromises made by the Anglican and Puritan translators, or the superiority of Tyndale.

But here, on a blog, everything comes unfiltered.  Not unfiltered in the sense that the writer doesn’t consider the weight of his words, but unfiltered in the sense that no piece is targeted at any particular group.  The web is world-wide.  This, I think, has made me hesitant to post my thoughts in such an open forum.

Which is just chickening out on my part.  A kind of profound hubris.  And worse—it underestimates the magnanimity of my friends.

So here I intend, as time permits, to write on some things that I believe, some things I’m pondering, and some things that may matter only to me and the rest of the fans of Duck Dynasty.  Lately, I’ve been thinking about the “New Perspective on Paul,” Live Action and the morality of undercover abortion exposés, Stryper’s new album, Northland International University’s changing relationship with fundamentalism, slavery in Arkansas, the materialist racism masquerading as “human bio-diversity,” ghettoism in the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, the Drive-By Truckers, “marriage equality,” crawfish étouffée, the Hexameron versus evolution . . . the list goes on.

Posts on any of these topics are likely to offend someone.  Please feel free to add a comment if you like—agree or disagree.

As Francis Schaeffer used to say, shake up the bottle, and we’ll see what bubbles forth.

Or, as LL Cool J says, if you don’t judge my gold chains, I’ll forget the iron chains.


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